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>>What is Wiki for Cam Girls?<<

This site is a guide created by cam girls themselves, here to serve as an insider's guide to the industry! It's aimed at girls who are already working, as well as those who are looking to get started as a model. Please remember that while the information you'll find here is completely genuine and written by authentic cam girls, it can be occasionally driven by opinion and personal experience. Use this as a general guide and a useful source of tips, tricks, and general help with getting your cam girl career on the right track. Remember that each girl is unique and has her own particular set of talents and attributes that can make them successful!

You can find some of the most important information below. Hopefully it will help you out!

Are you just starting?

What exactly is a cam girl and what does her job look like?

The most popular cam sites today

Cam girl confidentiality

Which site should I choose? What are the first steps?

The different types of cam shows

Should I work for a studio or as an independent?

How to sign up and create your profile

Things you'll need

Choosing a webcam


Technical aspects and internet connection

Setting up your "set" and props

Business know-how and tax tips

What can I expect from a job as a cam girl?

How your personality and attitude can play a part

How to steer clear of scams

Doing offsite material

Conflicts with other cam girls

Useful terms and phrases to know

PR, Marketing, and Self-Promotion

Social media

Blog or personal page

How to watermark your material

What about girl/girl shows?

Other useful advice

Getting ready: hair, make-up, upkeep

Hygiene and health matters

Budget-friendly options

How to boost your popularity if you're having trouble

Keeping yourself safe

Other great sites and forums for cam models