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Webcam Model FAQ's

About Webam

Webcam is a popular community of webcam users. With over 5 million members, the site has a constantly growing client base, with many long-time users that have been with us for years. The excitement that are models offer is ultimately what keeps our members happy and willing to keep spending money. To find out more about how your potential work as a model would look like, be sure you check out (link)

Webcam offers very attractive working conditions for our models

  • Our pay is the highest among webcam sites - for models who sign up through the site directly, the comissions consist of 50 % of all Net Revenue
  • Reliable, steadfast support offered to our models 24/7
  • The site is constantly busy and active, with plenty of clients no matter what time of day
  • Our payments are made on an on-time weekly basis – all we require is that your tax form and payout method are set up and approved

Here is a video featuring some tips from Webcam(link)

How does webcam modelling work?

Webcam modelling is a form of live chat between a webcam model and her client. The model uses her computer to contact users from all over the world. The job of a webcam model offers impressive sums of money for the model, with the comfort of working straight from home. No experience is needed to become a model. Being attractive with a fun personality are really the key requirements. If you have these, you will definitely succeed.

At the moment, we are looking for women between the ages of 18 and 45 to become models on Webcam Wiki.

The job of a webcam model is fun, exciting, and easy. The key is to enjoy yourself and have fun with your clients. If you do that, then you will be paid generously.

How do I sign up?

The sign-up process for Webcam is very fast and easy.

  • This is where to start the sign-up process: (link)
  • After checking and verifying your e-mail (it may have been sent to your spam folder, so make sure you check there), you will receive an e-mail with a link to your application.
  • After submitting your ID (required for compliance verification), and getting it approved, you will receive an e-mail with a link that takes you back to your application. There, you will e-sign your documents and create a username and password.
  • Once your application is complete, you will have immediate access to the site.
  • For questions or help, you can e-mail (e-mail)

Here is a video tutorial on signing up (link)

Starting out as a model on Webcam

Is there any payment involved?

No, it does not cost you anything to create a model account on Webcam. You can often begin working after only one business day and making money yourself! To get started with your job as a model for us, visit the Be a Webcam Model link at the bottom of the Webcam homepage.

What will I need to sign up for Webcam?

  • A PC or Mac computer. We do NOT use devices such as phones, tablets, I-pads or chrome books. Please make sure you check (link:) What kind of computer and webcam should I use?
  • A webcam with a microphone. We recommend the webcam Logitech C930e(link). Built-in cameras are typically fine, too.
  • A reliable internet connection with a recommended upload speed of at least 2.5 mp/s, at a bandwidth of at least 200k.
  • A well-lit workspace. We suggest that you have light sources coming from behind the camera, pointing directly at you, and at each side of you. Natural lighting is also welcome. Be sure that the lighting is facing towards you and not coming from behind you, though!
  • A fabulous pic for your profile. This is the first thing that users will see, so you want to make sure that it's a high-quality photo, showing off your body and face. To begin working, you will need to upload at least one picture.

The technology that we offer our users and models is of the highest quality. Both sides are ensured the best experience possible. Our models are given control in the chat room, with a huge choice of settings and options to make their job easier. We only have a few simple rules-otherwise, you are free to be as creative and spontaneous as you'd like. If you need some help with your workspace or anything else, feel free to contact us at (number), talk to us via your webcam console, or simply send us an e-mail at (e-mail).

We feel that our models are our friends and co-partners, and we treat them with support, friendliness, and respect.

Is there a schedule or a minimum number of hours that I need to work?

No. We do not use any set schedules or require you to work a specific set of hours. You are free to plan your own work and webcam for as long as you'd like, whenever you choose to. After you have logged into the site, you will automatically appear on Webcam.

Tips and Tricks for Making Your Show the Best Possible

See the list of useful tips in(link)

Maneuvering the webcam model dashboard

In case you need to training, support, or have any particular questions regarding your model console, feel free to contact the Webcam support team whenever you'd like. To do this, you can use the live help chat button on your console. You can also send us an e-mail at (e-mail) or call us at (number). Our team is available for you 24/7. Additional information can be found on our Help and Support page(link).


Your main page will include notifications and important information related to your Webcam account. Here, you will the options to alter your rates or to go online and check out details about our model contest. The homepage will have your number of followers-or users that have “faved” you. You will also be shown your camscore, which is an important part of your account and determines where you are placed on our page.

To find out more about camscores, go here(link)

To find out how to improve your camscore, go here(link)

You can share your Webcam profile on social media through the “share your link” button, which is found on the top right are of your homepage. This will allow you to share your link on various social media and gain more followers and popularity!

In the bottom area of your homepage, you will see the current winners of our daily model contest. Each day, we award the 5 top-earning models $1000!

To find out more about our contests, go here(link)

We offer our models 24/7 support and assistance. To use this, just click on the pink help icon on the bottom right of your homepage. On the left of your homepage, you can find an array of different settings and functions. Here, you can control which regions you are available for and which ones you choose to block, as well as upload videos.

HD Broadcasting

HD Broadcasting helps make your videos much better visually, with a clearer picture that is sure to attract more members. To use this, you first need to download our Imodel app. Once downloaded, click on the “HD Broadcasting” option from the dropdown menu on the left side of your page. To find out more about Imodel and this option, go here (link)

Earnings and Statistics

To see how you are doing with your earnings and stats, go to “Earnings and Statistics”, which is located on the left of your dashboard. This area will show you how much you've earned for a specific day and period of time. Earnings which are made during a 7 day period always begin on Monday at 12:00 a.m. and last until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. Your payment is then made on the following Friday. This tool allows you to go back no more than one month. If you need to see your earning history prior to this, please e-mail us at (e-mail) and give us the specific period of time that you need.


To see your inbox and check new messages, click on the “inbox” button on the left of your dashboard. This is where you will receive mail from the Webcam team and users.

How to upload photos

To upload photos, you can click on “Upload Photos” on the left side of your page. This will allow you to upload pics to your profile for members to see. You can choose to make your photos invisible in specific regions, which you can choose in your block settings. To upload an image, choose a photo from your computer and click “Upload”. Our system supports pics that are in .JPG, .JPEG, and .PNG format. If you want to edit or make changes to your photos, scroll over your picture and wait for three icons to appear- zoom, delete, and add photo to your profile.

How to upload videos

You can upload videos to the site and sell them for a one-time rate of your choice. To do this, go to “Upload Videos” on the left side of your page, choose the video you'd like to upload, and check that you agree to the terms of the site. The limit on size for each video clip is 500 MB. Be sure that your video fits within this limit. After you successfully upload your video, you can add tags, a price, and a title to it. Tags are useful to make your video appear when a user searches for specific phrases or topics. Our team will review your video and once approved, it will be available to users. This way, you can make money from Webcam even when you aren't online! If you want to delete videos or change tags or prices, please contact us by e-mail(e-mail) or phone (number).

To see our full list of rules and policies, go here(link)

To see a tutorial on video uploads, go here (link)

Blocking Specific Regions

If you'd like to block particular geographic regions or countries, go to the “Blocked Regions” link on the left side of your page. Once there, start typing the name of the country or state that you would like to block. Once it shows up, click “save”. Places that you choose will then be blocked from viewers accessing your profile. This will block you from showing up in your blocked regions even if your link is shared on social media or elsewhere. To find out more about the blocked regions tool, go here (link)

Payment options

Your payment settings, including your payout details, can be controlled through the “Payment Settings” link on the left side of your page. Once you click here, you will be able to choose the payment method that you'd prefer. If you don't have an account with the particular payment option yet, you can follow the “I need a new account” link. This will take you to the payment host's website. Here, you will need to fill in your information and register by using your e-mail address and creating a password. The method that you choose will then transport you to your account. Finally, you will need to return to your Webcam model page and link the payout account that you just made to your Webcam account. If there is anything else required, you will receive an e-mail with information and instructions. You will also receive a notification in your “Payment Settings.: Before you can receive your payouts, you need to choose a payment option. We cannot pay you through by check or direct deposit.

To see a tutorial about the payout option “Payoneer”, click here(link) To see a tutorial about the payout option “CMB Paycard”, click here(link) To see a tutorial about the payout option “Dwolla”, click here(link)

Tax settings

It is important to note that under federal law, we are required to provide information related to income from our models. Working on Webcam, you are considered an independent contractor (1099). Each January, you will receive a statement of earnings from us. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for filing and paying your taxes appropriately. If you fail to do this, you may receive questions from the IRS about why you didn't make your payments, and you may even be asked to pay some fines. You can, however, write off a number of things when filing your taxes: internet connection, computer and webcam equipment, electricity, and more. An accountant can give you more detailed information on this.

Setting up your tax settings on Webcam is done by clicking on “Tax Settings” on the left side of your page. Here, you will need to sign up as an individual or a business. Models usually sign up as individuals, unless they are employed through another business. You will then choose your status of residency, and complete information including your citizenship, your date of birth, your full name, and address. You do not need to fill out the social security number if you are a U.S. resident without citizenship. If you are not a citizen, you will only need to give your Tax ID number, which is the number that you use in your home country for tax purposes. Once you have provided all of the above information, it needs to be certified by us and completed with an e-signature. If any additional information is needed, we will send you an e-mail and you will receive a notification under “Tax Settings”.

To find out more about “Tax Settings” for International models, go here(link) To find out more about “Tax Settings” for U.S. Citizen models, go here(link) To find out more about “Tax Settings” for U.S. Resident alien models, go here(link)

How to change your rates

If you'd like to change your rates, go to “Change Rates” on the left side of your page. Here, you can change how much you would like to charge users per minute for private sessions with you. Please remember that the “spy rate” is always going to be $2 less per minute. You can choose the rate that you would like to use by scrolling through the list, or by requesting a custom rate that lets you set your own special rate. You should remember that choosing very high rates can often result in lower user interest.

To find out more about rates, go here(link)


The wishlist is a fun way for models to receive things that they want, while at the same time giving users some extra excitement by being able to spoil you! If you'd like to make your own wishlist, go to your Amazon account or create an entirely new one. Remember not to use your real name if you'd like to keep your details private, including your e-mail, which can display your real name. You can then add items your wishlist on Amazon and add the link to your model page!

To find out more, go here(link)


Working as a webcam model, you need to live by the rule “play hard-work harder”. Self-promotion is key if you want to boost your visibility and grow your fan base. Social media channels like Twitter offer you a great opportunity to do just that-and for free! If you haven't already, be sure you create a Twitter account using your Webcam name, and watch your popularity grow! Make sure that it's unique and shows off who you are. Include a sexy profile photo and emphasize your positive attributes that make you special. Once you start to follow people who are in your industry, you should start to gain a few followers yourself and you'll surely see your numbers of fans grow in no time. Be sure you stay active and tweet whenever you can! You can tweet fun, sexy pictures of yourself and retweet photos that are especially hot. Linking your Twitter account to your Webcam account is very important and will be instrumental in getting your name out there. Remind your viewers on Webcam to follow you and you'll be on your way to a solid base of followers on Twitter, too!

In order to link your Twitter account to your Webcam profile, just click on the “Twitter” link on your model dashboard. This is where you can share y


To help Webcam users find you, add physical features that define you on the “category” menu, which is located on the left side of your page. This is where you can list your hair color, general appearance and ethnicity so that members can find you easier.

Your contact information

If you want to make changes to your contact info, follow the link “My Contact Info”, which is on the left side of your page. This is where you can edit your e-mail address. Remember that we first need to verify this address before it can be officially updated.

How do I receive payment?

How to update your tax settings on your model page

Webcam models, as self-employed contractors, receive compensation for their online services. Before we can send you payment, we need you to send us a W9 form (U.S. models) or a W8 form (international models). If you are in the U.S., you will get a 1099-MISC from us each year. We do not take out taxes from your payment ourselves, so you are responsible for doing this and paying your taxes on your own.

Once you log into your model console as a newbie, you need to fill out your tax settings. This is done by following the “Provide Tax Information” link or by going to you “Tax Settings”. These options will give you a few easy steps to follow so that you can quickly fill out your W8 or W9 form. After you fill this information out, our accounting team will look it over and approve it. If we find any problems or need more information, we will contact you and let you know what we need.

Please remember that we cannot compensate you for your work unless the tax settings are approved and activated.

How to set up your payout method

After your tax settings are completed, you need to set up your payout method and options. This is done by following the “Payment Settings” link on your page. Choose the payout option that you prefer and click “next”. After doing this, you will be directed to your payout host's site, where you will fill out the necessary information to set up an account with one of our partner companies. For more information on choosing a payout method, go to (link).

You can find payment support and instructions below, should you need it. You can also find information on this topic here(link)

For your payment settings to be approved, they will need to be reviewed and accepted by our payment department. This will not be complete until your tax settings are 100% approved, so please remember to do this first. Additionally, the payout host Payoneer requires that you send us an e-mail to complete the process, so don't forget to do this step. If you feel unsure about whether you need to do this, please e-mail us at(link)

Payment methods that we offer

Our payout schedule is carried out on a weekly basis from Monday to Sunday. This includes all payment methods except the CMB paycard, for which we will make a transfer by the next Friday. For more details and support on each of the payout methods, follow the “Payment Settings” link on your page, or look through the payment options summary written below.

Our payout options:

  • Dwolla
  • CMB Paycard
  • Payoneer

Please remember that we cannot pay you via direct deposit or checks sent by mail.

Payment options summary

This is an overview of the types of methods that we offer for your payout. If you'd like to get some more in-depth information regarding both tax and payment options, then please take a look at the appropriate links on your model page. To find out more about the payment method that you are currently signed up for or to change it, click on “Payment Settings”. If you'd like to get more information on payment methods, go here(link)


This offers a direct deposit option or a Pay Card for both International and U.S. models. The site requires a minimum of $20 for payout to be carried out. To use this method, you need to register directly through your model page. DON'T REGISTER ON YOUR OWN. If you do register outside of Webcam, you will unfortunately get rejected. This is probably the easiest method for International models. The set-up process is slightly long, but it is a very good option because of its low fees and the fact that you can CHOOSE to receive money through an actual credit card or a bank transfer.


This offers a direct deposit in the U.S., with a minimum of $1 for payout to be carried out. For U.S. models, this is probably the easiest method. Dwolla's fees are low and your payment is transferred straight to your bank account. Unfortunately, the site does not offer services internationally.


This is a daily pay option with requires a minimum of $35 for payout to be carried out. Out of the three, the CMB paycard is the quickest, with the most flexibility. In order to get paid, you “pay yourself”, by cashing out whenver you would like to. This is great because you can choose when you would like to receive your payment—daily, weekly, or monthly! After you are paid out, your money will appear on your card in less than 2 (business) days. It should be pointed out, though, that each time you cash out, there is a charge of $4.95 in processing fees. To find out more about their rules and practices, please take a look at the website. Unfortunately, this service does not work internationally.

Tax and Payment Help and Support

If you need any help with your tax or payment settings, please e-mail(email). We can let you know about the status of your tax or payment settings approval and activation.

How much can I make on Webcam?

How much money you make with us is really up to you! It all depends on what kind of show you give your users and how much time you spend on the site. Most of our models based in the U.S. make from $45 to $180+ per hour. Once you manage to make a solid fan base, you will surely start to make more money. We are the most lucrative out of other sites like us out there, really giving you 50% of our Net Revenue.

No other website out there gives you more opportunities to make money like we do. We offer:

  • A Tipping System

-How Tipping Works -Shows for tips are possible by using our HD Broadcast. Remember to download this software so that you can use for an extra special show, with tons of great features! For more information on this tool, please go to “How do I broadcast in HD?”(link) -You can set up the Show for Tips Goal on imodel (we suggest you start off with $30-$50), as well as the Show for Tips Length and Show for Tips Reservation rate, which is usually from $5-$10. -To view your show, Webcam users need to make a reservation for it. There is a possibility for users to join your show while it's happening, and you have the option of extending its length if you choose to. -After you reach you Show for Tips goal, your show can begin and all of the users that signed up for it can enter and start watching you. -You should make a note that you won't be able to collect your tips until after a show is ended. If you decide to end your show early, you will not be able to receive your tips, and you may even be penalized. -Private Shows – Webcam users can request private, one on one shows where you are paid per minute. The typical rate for a private show is $4.99/$5.99 per minute. -Spy shows- Users can choose to “spy” in on your private session and pay a lowered rate to do so. Your “spies” will show up on the list of viewers, but they can't interact with you or hear you during the show. -Selling videos online- You can upload videos and sell them to users on the site and set them at a price of your choice. The model support team will help you out if you'd like to edit your videos or change the price. The great thing about selling these clips is that you can earn money even when you aren't online! Users are unable to download the videos to their computers and they can only watch them online through their Webcam account. -Daily Contests – Each day, you have the chance to win $1000 in prize money as the top-earning model on our site!

What percentage do models get?

Models who work with us are lucky to be a part of the highest commission payments in the business. 50% of our Net Revenue is handed over to models who sign up straight through our site.

How popular is Webcam?

Our site is extremely popular, and growing every day. Our users are located all over the world and together make up over 5 million members. Most of our users visit us on a regular basis and are always looking to come back for more. Right when you begin your work with us, you'll see how many eager members are waiting to spend their money on you.

How can models increase their popularity and number of followers?

The best thing you can do is promote yourself as much as you can, in as many places as you can. This is key to making it big on Webcam. You can do this through social media like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, using your Webcam model alias. Use your Webcam account to link your social media accounts and vice-versa. Upload photos that show off your fun, sexy, and exciting side, and make sure you stay engaged with your followers or potential followers. Let your fans know when you'll be online so they can get on the site at the same time that you do.

When you're online and on camera, be sure you look for opportunities for tips from your viewers! These can include things like videos, calendars, snap chat time, or other fun prizes. Keep your audience engaged and you'll get a steady following in no time.

  • I want to promote myself online, but I have certain regions blocked- Blocking on social media is a little different than blocking on our site. If someone from a blocked Webcam region tries to reach your profile through a link on social media, they will not be able to open your profile. If you are afraid of security-related issues, you shouldn't shy away from self-promotion, but try to be more choosy in which pictures you post, for example.

Our Policies and Rules

The following are PROHIBITED on Webcam:

  • Commiting a crime or engaging in illegal activities online.
  • Role playing that involves illegal acts in the real world, such as:

*Bestiality *Incest *Child pornography, rape, molestation, or exploitation *Rape *Necrophilia *Bringing up sexual experiences from before the age of 18, or your local age of maturity *Suggesting or saying that you are underage

  • Absolutely no children can be involved in your work on the site. This includes voices, child-like behavior, or any images of children in your photos or videos
  • Use of illegal substances
  • Engaging in sexual activity under the influence of mind-altering substances
  • Activity involving urination/feces/vomit
  • The use of foreign objects that could potentially harm you for masturbation purposes. Please stick to dildos and other sex toys!
  • Fisting
  • Visible venerable diseases or menstruation should not be show on camera. If are on your period, please wait until it has ceased to get back on camera.
  • The promotion of 3rd parties or other websites
  • Arranging payments that occur off-site, such as through a deposit or Paypal
  • The use of any videos or photographs, including live-streaming, that display you or anyone else under the influence of alcohol or other mind altering substances
  • The use of any videos or photographs, including live-streaming, that display you or anyone else underage
  • The appearance of any unregistered models on camera
  • Soliciting
  • Sharing your legal information with users

Premium Video Policies

  • Each clip must be a minimum of 5 minutes in length to be approved for publishing
  • Each clip must involve nudity and/or fetish dialogue to be considered Webcam material
  • Each clip must be free of any kind of copyrighted material, such as music videos or songs
  • Each clip must contain only registered Webcam models, male and/or female
  • Each clip must follow the site's rules, listed above
  • Each clip must be free of any watermarks or links to sites that are not affiliated with Webcam
  • To see the complete list of policies and rules that must be followed, please go here(link)

What is a CamScore?

To find out more about CamScore, go here(link)

How to sign up a partner (Stud)

If you'd like to sign up a partner to Webcam, you will first need to have them create an account. After you activate their account, you will receive an e-mail from our support team with the necessary forms. We will ask for your partner to supply us with two government issued ID's. One of these ID's requires a photo (i.e., passport, driver's license, state ID, etc.), and the other does not (i.e., birth certificate, Social Security card, etc.).

Support Team

Our support team at Webcam is here to offer you around-the-clock help on both a general and technical level. There is a live chat option that lets you talk with us on your model console.

Tech Support

Our technical support works 24/7. You can contact them by phone (number) or e-mail (e-mail)

Payment Help and Support

Your model console offers you direct access to your payout options. Your payment settings can be edited at any time by going to the “Payment Settings” link on your page. Any specific questions related to this topic should be sent to (e-mail address)

  • To see your stats and earnings, please follow the “Stats and Earnings” tab on your page. Our simple instructions will let you know what to do next. We offer 24/7 support on this issue, which you can reach at (e-mail)

Common Payment/Payout Issues

How do I update my address?

Your correct address is important to us because we need to send your tax forms to you each year. In case your address has changed during your time working with us, please make sure you update it by e-mailing payment support at (e-mail). Remember that tax forms are always sent out on the 3rd or 4th week of January!

My legal name has changed- how do I update it?

If you get married, for example, or make any other changes to your legal name, you need to let us know. We need this so that we can pay you under the correct name and track income for tax purposes accurately. If you need to update your legal name, please e-mail us at(e-mail). When you do this, we will ask that you supply us with the legal documents verifying your new name. This could be a marriage certificate, for example. You should remember to contact the Social Security Administration to update your name as well.

How do I view my stats?

  • Our usual payment schedule works on a weekly basis (Monday-Sunday). We will make your transfer by the following Friday. To see your weekly payouts, you should go to your model console and follow the “Stats and Earnings” link. If you'd like to see how much money you'll get on the coming Friday, click on the last pay period. If you want to view your earnings for the current week, click on the current pay period, then refresh.
  • For models who use CMB Paycards, this option requires that you are paid based on your cash out history. If you use this option, you need to remember to have your range section (under “Stats and Earnings”) set to “custom”. Your stats need to show the exact day and time when you received a payment, until your most recent payment. This needs to be done because CMB pays you everything that you've earned until the very last minute that they have your funds transferred to you. For more details and help with the CMBPaycard, please contact their support staff at (e-mail) or contact them by phone (number). Their hourse are 10am-6pm, Mon.-Fri. EST
  • A large portion of studio models are paid on a bi-weekly basis. If this is you, you can change your payment range to custom by choosing the specific dates for which you'd like to pull up your earnings and stats.

It looks like my payment- or a portion of it- is missing

Before you do anything else, make sure you have correctly pulled up your stats and you're 100% sure you know what pay range you should be on. If you need any additional help, feel free to contact support at (e-mail) or call us at (number). If you know that you are doing everything as you should and using the correct stats, then it's possible that the error lies somewhere else. Don't panic, we will get your payment to you as quickly as we can. Just send us an e-mail and let us know of the problem, including your name, the pay range in question, and the payment amount (e-mail). Remember that for us to pay you through Payoneer, you must have directed to the site directly through us. If you have any problems or questions about this, please e-mail us at (e-mail).

Contests for our models

For information about our mode contests, please go here(link)

Aside from our daily contests, we hold other exciting opportunities to win some money prizes!

  • Best Halloween Costume
  • The Webcam Model Sweepstakes, which involves a raffle with a chance to win money and other kinds of great prizesz
  • Various Holiday Presents and Prizes

Our users love to spoil you, too!

  • Don't forget to create a wishlist through Amazon and link it on your model profile page. This'll help you get gifts and prizes from site members
  • Use social media to gain more fans and promote yourself!